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5 Things to Take Care of When Moving to A New Place with Your Pet

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Moving to a new place permanently is always a troublesome and chaotic time for anyone. And if there are pets to take along to that new destination, the travel would be more complicated. Pets are really not very much fond of moving to any new place.

Suppose, what will be the scenario, if you suddenly see that you can’t understand what’s going on around you and all of your belongings are getting packed in the boxes, lots of modifications and chaos surrounds you and no one is asking your consent to do so! Your known world is getting topsy-turvy! Won’t the circumstance be more stressful to you! The same thing happens to your pet also when they see everything is getting changed suddenly. You might notice some unusual changes in your pet’s behaviour while you take preparations for moving to anywhere and even after reaching the new place. It is just like your behaviour when you get yourself in a new environment with an altered daily routine.

But the fact is there are no such formula solutions to get rid of confronting these problems. Detailed planning, successful execution of those travel plans and the most important is to keep patience can eliminate some of the moving hazards and turn your shifting process to a positive and peaceful experience for both you and your pet.

Here are the five most essential and useful tips for moving with your pets given below:

Pre-moving tasks

Relocating to a new place with your pet requires some specific planning before you are heading to move. Select a IATA certified carrier that is well ventilated and spacious enough, so that your pet can easily move and stand up inside it. Make your pet familiar to the crate by encouraging it to play and take naps into the carrier. You can keep some of its favourite toys and treats inside the crate to attract the pet towards it.

Take your pet to some frequent short trips to make it accustomed to the shipping process.

Also, take your pet to a licensed vet for a health checkup and vaccination. Collect the updated prescriptions and vaccination records signed by an accredited veterinarian that might be needed for the transportation.

Moving day tasks

When the vital day comes, make sure to keep aside your pet from all the moving chaos. It will be better if you can keep your in a separate room with all of its necessary things like food, water, litter box etc.

Make the feeding process done at least 3 to 4 hours before the boarding. Keep your pet hydrated through the shifting process. Take precautionary measures to tackle your pet’s stress diarrhea and nausea due to motion sickness.

Affix a proper travel tag with customized microchip identification with your pet’s collar, so that it can be traced in case of theft or lost.

Check for new rules and regulations of the new place

Before relocating to the new town, carefully review the pet policies of that new destination. Your new landlord or body corporate must have some regulations and amenities that are different from your previous location. Your new city may require some specific pet registration or special collar tags for pet’s safety. Moreover, Municipal authorities might have some list of pet friendly venues or online public spaces where you can take your pet on or off leash.

Look for a new vet and pet clinics

Start searching for a new vet in the new place that you are about to move. If possible, ask your current vet to recommend a good vet at the new suburb. Make sure that your new license is licensed. Also, gather all the possible pet clinics’ or hospitals’ addresses and phone numbers nearest to the new place. It would be helpful to you in case of any emergency at the unknown location.

Settlement after the moving process is over

For most of the pets, it is really difficult to cope with the new environment. So, you need to help your fur baby to adjust to the unfamiliar surroundings. You should maintain a consistent schedule to make this process faster. Such as, make a fixed place for your pet’s food, playing, cosy bed and litter tray. Give your pet more love and attention to reduce its anxiety by engaging them in more activities and playtime. Also, you should introduce the new property to your pet by taking it to the rooms’ tour.

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