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Back-Clip Vs. Front Clip Harnesses: What’s Better For Your Dog?

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Talk to dog experts, and they will agree that harnesses are definitely better than just collars for most dog breeds. The market for harnesses is huge, with literally hundreds of options. From the regular Y harness, to options like adventure harness, there is something for every dog. Selecting the best harness for your dog can be an overwhelming affair, because various factors such as the age of the dog, training level, energy, and body shape are to be considered. In general, harnesses can be classified as front-clip and back-clip varieties, and in this post, we are going to compare both options keeping the pros and cons in mind.

Discussing back-clip harnesses

The clip basically refers to the attachment that’s found in the harness, where you tag the leash. This attachment or clip may look the capital ‘D”. If you are not in search of something specific, standard back-clip harnesses should suffice for most dog breeds. Compared to the front-clip ones, back-clip harnesses don’t offer as much control and is considered to be ideal for dogs who are trained. Some are designed in a way that the pressure doesn’t always occur at the armpit. The leash will not get tangled as the dog walks, which is an advantage, and the chances of choking are limited.

On the flip side, back-clip harnesses cannot really prevent pulling, and the design doesn’t help when you want to direct the dog to walk a certain way.

Discussing front-clip harnesses

As the name suggests, front-clip harnesses have the attachment or clip on the front. If your dog has a tendency to pull, this is exactly what you will need. Since the leash attachment is on the front, you can direct the dog better, as the tension doesn’t pull the pet away from the owner but more towards him. Typically, most professionals and trainers who work with dogs rely on front-clip harnesses. The fit of such a harness is important, because if the harness doesn’t fit well, there could be a chance of an injury. Most front-clip harnesses are comfortable.

Since the leash is on the front, it may get tangled in the legs of the dog, which must be checked for.

What’s better?

It depends on the way your dog walks in general. If the pooch is well-trained, you can do well with a back-clip harness, while front-clip harnesses are best for training. You can check online to find the best deals.

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