Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Can Cats Take CBD?

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Do you have a cat home? If yes, then we are sure you can relate to the feeling of protecting them forever, right? Watching them happy, healthy, and playful makes you forget everything ‘bad’ or ‘unwanted’ happening around you. Well, this is how these little creatures are. Seeing them happy makes us happy, and seeing them sad, let’s not even think about it. But imagine coming home to a not-very-happy and active cat. Sounds real bad (read: heartbreaking) to us. 

People who have pets have two hearts, we say. One is in their body, and the other one lies inside their pets’ health and happiness. And when something happens to them, they want to try everything to take them out of misery.

We all want to improve the living standards of our cats and provide them pain relief, reduced aggression, and much more. But pet owners often wonder how they can improve the health of their pets. Talking about the health of cats, have you heard about cat CBD? It’s kind of a miracle medicine for pets. Yes! Let us tell you more. 

What Is CBD?

Before we hop on to discussing CBD, we think you should know about the endocannabinoid system. The Endocannabinoid system is like a maintenance system that keeps other body systems in animals and humans running smoothly. Like humans and other animals, cats also have this system, and cat CBD can prove beneficial for them. Let us tell you about the CBD. It is an abbreviation for cannabidiol that comes from the Cannabis plant. It is usually included in the oil with other essential oils and given to cats. This helps cats in numerous ways. 

As stated above, cats, almost like humans, have feelings and health issues that require attention, so in different situations, cat CBD can come in handy. It can help when cats can get aggressive, face anxiety, loss of appetite and energy, allergies, and sometimes seizures. As we know and believe that no one likes to see their cats in pain, we are sharing some benefits of cat CBD so that whenever you see your cat get uneasy, prrrrr-haps these benefits will remind you of what you should be doing.

Benefits of CBD

If you want to PAWWWS (read: pause) any pain or uncomfortable situation your cat is facing, cat CBD benefits can help your cat get out of it.

Scroll away!

CBD Is Great for Arthritis and Joint-Pain

Oh, these little wittle kitties always on their toes can get into trouble for doing so. Researches have it that cats are prone to Arthritis and joint pains. And this doesn’t only happen because of their frequent mobility but because of the age factor. So cat CBD, jam-packed with anti-inflammatory properties, can be a fantastic rescue for the cats.

Stress and Anxiety Reliever

Just one thunder and the cats can have stress and anxiety for days! It can make the cats go grumpy for so many days. Oh, and a cherry on top, if they have a fellow kitty at home and get into a fight with them, this can also make them angry. Then this consequently affects their sleep, appetite, and mood, and the misery is too tricky to handle.

So a cat CBD can be life-saving in such situations!

Helps Say Bye-Bye to Low Energy

Cats are almost like us humans. As we cannot be happy and cheery all the time and get low on energy, the same goes for cats. They can sometimes get down and don’t even understand what is wrong with them. So a cat CBD can help them gain sufficient energy and load them with it – oh and without making them go high. Worry not. 

Prevents Tumor Growth

Hearing the word tumor and that too for your cat can be similar to dooms-day! But we must not always be prepared for the worst but take measures to prevent them. Cat CBD can get not only stop the development of tumors but also slows it down if a situation comes up.

Stops Seizures

We hate to say this, but just like us, humans, cats get seizures. There are certain medical conditions that cats suffer from, and seizures are one of those. And trust us when we say this, it can be the most painful thing ever!

So a cat CBD can be the right solution for minimizing the seizures.

Ending It

The health, welfare, and happiness of all the pets enjoy being our top priority. Cat CBD holds an essential place in vet-medicines and has proved to be an excellent fit for them. So if you find your cat having a bit of cat-titude, then know they are not doing it on purpose. They have a reason behind it. So in case of any of the situations stated above, have your cat CBD and see your get purrrrr-fect!

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