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Healthy Paws Versus Pumpkin

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If you have one or more furry friends in your home, you must be concerned about their health. Pet parents love their babies and want what’s best for them. Imagining life without your pets is just heartbreaking. However, these furry friends often get sick and can worry their parents. Getting treatment for these cute fluffy animals can be quite expensive and put a burden on your pocket. Therefore, pet insurance companies make sure your little friend gets the best treatment from your choice’s veterinarian.

To ensure your pup’s or kitty’s safety, choosing the right insurance company is crucial. People are often confused between Healthy Paws and Pumpkin. We have provided a detailed analysis and comparison between the two and the service they provide. But first, you need to know why getting pet insurance is necessary.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance offers the following benefits:

Pet Insurance Saves You Money  

If your pet is sick, the treatment can cost a lot. With the help of pet insurance, you can save money. It depends on the insurance company’s plan. There’s only a small deductible that you have to pay. After you meet this deductible, the insurance company pays for a certain percentage of the treatment bill. The remaining amount is manageable and doesn’t burden your pocket.

Pet Insurance Prioritizes Pet’s Health

The health of your pet is pet insurance’s priority. By having pet insurance, you don’t have to worry about paying the bills for your furry fellow’s treatment and focus on their health instead.  

Pet Insurance Increases Treatment Options

Pet insurance allows you to choose between the best available treatment options for your dogs, cats, and other animals. If your pet is facing life-threatening conditions and diseases, you’ll be able to afford expensive surgeries and medicines. Thousands of dollars can be saved thanks to pet insurance.

Pick Your Preferred Vet

When humans get sick, there are only specific doctors they can go to. However, this is not the same as animals. With the help of pet insurance, you can choose the best vet for your pet’s treatment. You shouldn’t settle for less when the life and health of your fur baby are at stake.   

Pet Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

Pet insurance helps you get peace of mind. You can rest assured that your beloved pet is safe. If anything happened to your beloved furry pet, you could take care of them with ease without any financial burden.

Healthy Paws Versus Pumpkin – What to Choose

Both Pumpkin and Healthy Paws offer a simple plan that provides accident and illness insurance. Yet, there are some differences and policies you should be aware of before choosing which plan suits you and your pet the best.

Examination Fees

Pumpkin pet insurance covers the expenses of an exam fee related to accidents or illnesses. This can save you a lot of money as examination fees are often expensive and they are included in almost every bill. Healthy Paws does not assist with exam fees.

Behavioral Issues and Dental Illnesses

Healthy Paws insurance does not cover your pet’s dental illnesses or behavioral issues. However, Pumpkin includes both. A considerable percentage of cats and dogs suffer from some dental problems. Behavioral issues among the furry guys are also prevalent. A lot of pet owners complain about these issues and seek help. The treatments and therapies for such problems can cost a lot of money, so choosing an insurance company that offers the coverage is essential.

Covering Every Illness

Healthy Paws doesn’t cover diseases that could have otherwise been prevented by routine vaccinations or preventive medication. While Pumpkin encourages you to stay up to date with your pet’s preventive care, we won’t decline to cover a severe illness like parvovirus or heartworm disease because they missed a vaccine or dose of preventive medication.

Prescription Food and Supplements

Prescription food and supplements are essential to overcome any diseases and deficiencies your fur babies face. These prescriptions can vary from those for kidney diseases to simple ones like allergies. Healthy paws insurance doesn’t cover the expenses for both, but Pumpkin does.

Complete Clinical Exam

Healthy Paws has an age limit and requires all pets less than six years to complete a clinical examination at least 12 months before their policy effective date. If your pet is more than six years old, the test should be 30 days before the effective date according to the plan. Additionally, Healthy Paws requires a record of your pet’s past medical exams and medical history before they start the process for your first claim. If you aren’t able to provide this information due to any circumstances, your payment is affected. The policy by Pumpkin does not require a clinical exam.

Choosing the right insurance company for your pet’s health is crucial. If you love your furry friend and want to ensure their safety and health, get pet insurance right away!

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