Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

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Making sure your pet is happy and living a healthy lifestyle may seem easy and obvious, but you’d be surprised how many additional things you can be doing in order to make them as happy and healthy as can be. You often find that the most obvious factors, such as a comfortable home and nutritious diet are things that are slightly overlooked, and this can have an impact on your pet.

Educate Yourself on Pet Health

Knowing what health supplements your pet requires is essential for keeping them healthy and happy.   Before you bring your new pet home, be sure to educate yourself on what they’ll need, such as cycles of flea and tick treatments, worming tablets and any other health related supplements they may need to keep them feeling their best. You can access high quality pet medication online at retailers like Petwell, as well as visiting your vet practice to purchase whichever medications or supplements your pet requires.

Provide a Nutritious Diet

Just like humans, pets require a nutritious and balanced diet to keep them feeling good and healthy. There are so many different types of pet food available, from grain-free options to wet and dry, so it’s often worth trialling certain foods on your pet to see which they respond to best. If you’re unsure on which food is best for your pet, do some research into ingredients and take a look at existing product reviews to see which breeds or animals preferred which brands and food types, as you often find that certain pet breeds respond well to certain types of food. You can then figure out what works best for your pet and ensure they receive that balanced diet with the right vitamins and minerals daily.

Lots of Exercise

Keeping your pet fit and active is extremely important when promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle. From small cats to large dogs, all pets require some form of exercise and by keeping your pet active you able to ensure they’re burning the energy built up to keep them feeling happy. Whether you head out for daily dog walks, spend a few hours a day chasing the cat around the house with their favourite toy or simply pop your gerbil into their rolling ball for a few minutes, any small or large bit of exercise will be really beneficial for your pet.

Groom Your Pet

We all love a good pamper and our pets are just the same. Giving your pet a good groom with the comb or brush won’t just keep them looking neat and presentable, but it will also make them feel great on the inside. Grooming your pet gives you a lovely excuse to bond with your pet, as well as keeping them clean and fresh which in turn has a positive effect on their overall mood. There are some great grooming products available for all pets to help you keep their coats soft and nails trim, so take a look online for some essential products to keep your pet looking their best.

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