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Important Tips to Prepare Your Dog for a Stay in Boarding

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Many of us want to spend vacation out of the town to escape from our busy life schedules, but people who have pets cannot plan for long trips as they have to take care of it. Even though, there are dog sittings at home, but they are quite expensive. Dog boarding is one of the best options available to leave your dog when you are on a vacation.

By visiting Canine Country Club & Feline Inn, you can find the best Phoenix dog boarding service. They provide special care and attention for dogs in the owner’s absence at affordable cost. Also, they offer top-quality food, in-door/out-door run, pampered suites, and more for the pets.

Before leaving your canine in a boarding or at some other place, you need to prepare it. By doing this, it can stay happily even in your absence. The following are few tips that help you in preparing your dog to stay away from you and your home.

Plan boarding trial      

Trying boarding stay is really a good thought in case your canine is nervous or anxious to separation anxiety. You can leave your dog for few hours or a night or even 24 hours so that it can get habituate to new environments and daily routines.

Also, it will get a chance to make new friends. By this, your dog gets habituated to the environment and even stay for a longer time.

Adjust the sleeping habits of your dog

In case, you and your canine sleeps together on your bed at night, it may get upset or feel alone in the boarding. Before leaving your dog at boarding, adjust its sleeping habits. If your dog cries while sleeping alone, it may even cry when it is at the boarding facility.

In addition to the above, also try to make few other changes in your dog’s habits that is, drop your dog at boarding in the morning, etc. Also, choose a dog boarding that offer good services and facilities to make your dog comfortable.

If your dog has any health problems or food habits give instructions to them. Don’t get emotional when you leave your canine at boarding because it also becomes emotional.

Gather information about dog boarding services choose the best one depending on your needs and requirement and plan a trial immediately to leave your dog at boarding on your next vacation.

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