Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Puppy Pads Should Have Good Absorbency to Prevent Spills 

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Dog pads are really useful, especially when you are travelling with your pet. Pet dogs are trained to follow routine and any routine break causes those inconveniences. The newly trained dogs face the problem most. Some states require you to arrange a crate for your dog’s travel. In such cases, using dog puppy pads under the crate is the best choice to save upholstery. In fact, these pads work much better than towels. 

You can also use such pads at the destination, airport terminals or the likes in case, your dog is not sure about where to toilet due to sudden disruption in their daily routine. 

Judicious use of dog training pads, popularly referred to as puppy pads, is not restricted to only travelling dogs.  In fact, every dog owner should train their pets about how to use such pads to relieve themselves. 

Power of Absorption 

Many new dog owners prefer wee wee puppy pads during pet crate training. These pads have power to absorb fluid and thus, provide your puppy an indoor space to wee. They save your furniture and carpets from getting soiled. However, it’s important to note that if these pads don’t have enough power of absorption, they won’t be able to hold all the urine and as a result, a bigger mess will be created when you will pick it up for disposal.

You will be amazed to know that even a puppy can hold a lot of urine in its bladder. However, as they don’t have full-sized and properly developed bladders like their adult canines; puppies need to urinate more frequently. 

Doggy pads with light absorbency usually measure 17/24 inches. These pads have capacity to keep hold of enough urine and therefore, are the best fits for the puppies with tiny bladders. Young Yorkshire Terries, Teacup Maltese, Toy Poodles etc come under this category. If you want to train your puppy, light absorbency pads are absolutely fine. 

The wee wee puppy pads with moderate absorption capacity come in a couple of varieties. They measure either 17/24 inches or 23/36 inches. These pads have excellent absorption capacity to handle both small and medium size dogs.

As the puppies grow up, they need to excrete more urine as they now have big size bladders. Therefore, puppy pads need to have more absorbency. For the medium size dogs, 23/36 extra absorbency pads are needed. Therefore, when choosing a puppy pad, absorbency and size of the product should be the prime points of your focus.

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