Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

What Is Animal Business and How to Open One?

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There is a plethora of options for people who want to start an animal business. Many animal lovers try and turn their passion into their line of work. However, opening a new business can be tricky and also risky. So, if you want to start with a safe option of starting a business then you can buy franchising from any animal business. The franchisor’s business model has low risks and also their training and guidance facilities to help you.

If you have decided to take up franchising, then Hounds Town is a reliable option. They are a daycare, dog and cat grooming, pet taxi, and overnight pet boarding franchise designed to look like a town for pets. It is a destination business model that consists of several revenue streams that help you earn money. They have perfected a cost-efficient and minimal investment model for almost 20 years.

Franchise ownership process

The following is the process of owning a pet franchise.

  • Confidential questionnaire: You have to fill a questionnaire to give the company some information about yourself for them to check if you meet the initial requirements.
  • Exploration process: You will familiarize yourself with the franchising system and industry.
  • Executive and peer review: You can contact with the executives of the company and convince them of your abilities.
  • Discovery day: You get to experience the real working of some other franchise shops.
  • Franchise awarded: The last step is to get the franchise agreement and confirm it.

Types of animal businesses

The following are some types of animal businesses that could be lucrative for you.

  • Pet sitting and dog walking: These have minimal startup costs and don’t require much training. The main expense would be advertising the business to the locality.
  • Pet Taxi: Pet taxi also requires only minimal investment. Only a vehicle, a few pet carriers’ crates and dog harness seatbelts would be required.
  • Pet Bakery: A pet bakery can be run from your home. You could sell pets’ treats on online websites or farmers’ markets. The only equipment needed will be cooking equipment.

  • Pet Photography: The pet photography business may require more investment for the camera and other shooting equipment like lights and background. Furthermore, you may also need basic photography training.
  • Pooper Scooper Service: The service of cleaning up dog waste has low initial investment as you only need a source of transportation and small tools like rakes, shovels, waste disposal bags, and sanitation items.


These are some ideas about the kind of pet care businesses that are growing more popular and how you can start one yourself with some extra help.

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