Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

What is Colostrum?

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For newborns and infants the early stages of life are vitally important. It is during these early days, weeks, and months that the body becomes stronger, learns how to fight infection and to deal with bacteria. Colostrum is a breast fluid that is produced in mammals, including cows and humans, before breast milk is released. It is a source of nutrition, containing very high levels of antibodies, and help the newborn and infant to fight the build up of bacteria and to fight away infection.

Colostrum is also important as it promotes growth as well as health, and it is widely known that bovine colostrum is a vital way of promoting immunity, fighting infection, and improving the health of the gut throughout life.

There are always fine margins to be looked at on any farm, no matter the end product of the animals being reared. It is important that everything possible is being achieved in terms of the health of the animals when they are an infant. The addition of colostrum and other additional nutritional products on your farm will help to ensure that infant cows and other farm animals are growing, increasing health levels and doing everything possible to fight off potential infection and disease.

The more you do during the early stages of a new life, the better the chances are that that animal will grow to be healthy, strong, and provide the farm with the best chance possible of maximising profits for the herd as a whole. Although mammals that have just given birth produce colostrum naturally there could be reasons why there is a need for further colostrum supplements to ensure that all animals under your care are receiving the correct amount of nutrients in order to promote good health and a strong immune system.

Colostrum is a milk-like fluid that is released by mammals after they have given birth. It is very high in nutritional value, helps to promote infant growth, as well as many other health benefits. Ensuring that you have the correct supplements and colostrum related products ready to hand when working on a farm ensures that you can maximise the potential of your livestock, improve standards of health and hygiene and help the infant mammals fight off infection from day one.

Understanding the importance of a complementary feed in the form of high energy colostrum shows you that there is a necessity to find a supplier of colostrum and other animal health products that has a high reputation. Where the maternal colostrum may be lacking for whatever reason, having access to additional feeds is vital as it provided primary nutritional support for an animal that requires as much nutrition and energy in the early stages of its life. Without this support you could suffer with a herd of animals that are lacking in strength and health at a time when they need it most. A solid plan of action to look after the birthing and growth of animals on a farm is important for the long-term health of the animals, and the health of the profits for the farm itself.

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