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What Is the Australian White Sheep?

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Australian White Sheep are a breed of hair sheep. This means they don’t produce thick wool that needs shearing every year.

Instead, these sheep have a coat like that of goats, with a thick undercoat which sheds in the warmer months. This translates to higher profits for farmers involved in the sheep milk and meat industry.

Sheep shearing is vital for the health of woolly sheep and thus an unavoidable cost in raising sheep.

Find out what sets Australian whites apart in the realm of woolless sheep.

The Heritage of the Australian White

The Australian White Sheep is the product of extensive research and years of intense and precise animal husbandry in Australia.

With the help of genetic experts, Australian farmers created the Aussie White by means of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and selective line breeding. Thanks to its local origins, it’s particularly well-adapted to the Australian environment.

They chose outstanding specimens from four source breeds for these endeavours. These are:

Van Rooy

The Van Rooy stems from crossing three different types of hair sheep. These are the indigenous South African Ronderib Afrikaner sheep, Rambouillets, and Blackhead Persians.

These fat-tailed animals are extremely well-suited to arid climates, hardy and resistant to disease.

White Dorper

White Dorper sheep also hail from South Africa and are capable of thriving in a wide variety of climatic conditions. They’re large meaty animals with a high feed to meat conversion ratio.

Dorper sheep are highly resistant to diseases and breed all year round.


Texel sheep originate from the Texel Islands in the Netherlands and have spread throughout Europe as prime meat-producing animals.

They produce very heavily muscled lean carcasses and very fine wool. The sheep have no wool on their legs and face.

Poll Dorset

The Poll Dorset is widely used to produce prime lambs in Australia. They’re extremely fertile animals with excellent mothering and milking abilities.

These sheep grow rapidly and produce high-quality fleshy, muscular meat.

Today, the Australian White Sheep is a stabilized breed that combines the best assets of its ancestors and has proven itself across the globe as a top producer of high-quality meat.

Characteristics of Aussie White Sheep

Aussie White Sheep offers a wealth of advantages to all farmers wanting to maximize profits while keeping costs low.

The sheep produce an excellent carcass shape bearing fine-textured, clean-tasting and tender meat which is high in omegas.

The meat has a low melting point and is a premium choice for customers, comparing favourably to the costly and highly-prized Wagyu beef.

As haired sheep, Australian Whites don’t need crutching or shearing and are resistant to external parasites.

The ewes are polyestrous and produce high-quality lambs year-round.

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