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Why do people opt for small breeds of dogs?

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Many dogs having the shortest lifespans are classed as either giant or large while many longest living dogs are believed to be of small breeds. Besides their longer lives, some people prefer a smaller dog as it is cheaper to feed and lives conveniently in a house. Additionally, dog owners should also take into consideration the health requirements of the pet that they decide to adopt.

This includes special diets and a lot of exercises. Additionally, they are also needed to think about their own health too as an assumed 15 percent of the population tends to be allergic to pets, but, thankfully, there are choices for them. Actually, no dog is entirely hypoallergenic but there are many breeds that go along well with allergy sufferers and so, they are considered the finest dogs for individuals with allergies.

Some small breeds of dogs

When you happen to be short on space, then these small-statured cuties do fit the bill perfectly and these small dogs breeds commonly weigh in at 7-35 pounds. You can check the list as:

  • Yorkshire Terrier – This dog weighs at only seven pounds and it packs an energetic punch in a small package. The good thing is it is hypoallergenic and possesses silky and gorgeous fur.
  • English Cocker Spaniel – This small dog breed weighs a little more than its American counterparts but these dogs have merry personalities. You can take them outside and they will turn out to be pretty campers.
  • Whippet – These cute doggies speed at nearly 35 miles/hour and so, they are considered the fastest of all dogs.
  • Maltese – Though it is difficult to differentiate between all the small breeds of white dogs, this dog is considered the oldest of all. This dog has continued to entertain its owners for many years and they look very lovable.
  • Miniature Pinscher – These dogs turn out to be fun-loving and fearless and they need lots of activities. Hence, when you have them, you can be geared for some vocal qualities.
  • Basenji – The originally of Basenji did job as hunting dogs and these dogs are prized for their independence and intelligence.
  • Beagle – These dogs have excellent temperaments and they are intelligent, spirited, loyal, friendly, and playful. Again, their keen feeling of smell is commendable as they attempt to follow all the smells they confront.
  • Bichon Frise – These dogs happen to be popular for being unbelievably lovable, loving, and happy and they need a little exercise, thus, turning them appropriate for apartment living. Additionally, they are intelligent though, at times, they display a stubborn streak.
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