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Why You Need a Realistic Pet Portrait

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Portraits have been around since before the creation of the camera. Skilled artisans were often highly regarded in eras like the renaissance. During this time it was a symbol of status and wealth to have a portrait made of one or their family. These portraits came out of a necessity to record keep and be able to remember those that came before. Nowadays portraits are still as popular as ever and these skilled artists can be seen in amusement parks drawing portraits, art shows, and even online. With today’s world the online scene has seen an explosion of business and contracting out portraits has become as easy as submitting a picture. With the ase of getting a portrait made it makes a compelling argument for going and getting one. For those who really want to stand out from the crowd it may be time to get a realistic pet portrait painted by a true artist. Below are 3 reasons why you should consider getting a pet portrait of your furry friend. 


Portraits are an important way that many people are celebrated throughout history. One popular example of this is the hanging of the United States presidential portrait. Since George Washington, every single president that led the country has had a portrait made of them and each one is on display for presidents to see where the country was and those responsible for how it has gotten to be. This form of historic recording can be just what a pet owner needs to memorialize their faithful friends long past when they pass. Creating a gallery of pets and previous pets is something as easy as uploading pictures of them and selecting an artist to commission the portrait. Rather than flipping through digital photos on their phone where they are destined to be lost, owners are able to have daily reminders of their faithful and playful furry friends every single day. 


The most common utilization of art and art pieces is to display as decor within a house or office. Many pieces people have within their home do not have an emotional or personal connection with. Getting portraits of the things you love will allow your home decor to be elevated while also grinding a sense of happiness by seeing the things you care about most. Having a connection with the art in your house makes them not only beautiful but also promotes conversations with guests about the painting and what the pet means to you. Sure you could simply have a photo of your dog printed but by having a painting commissioned you are elevating the piece to have more depth, texture, and life likeness. Many commissioning websites will allow users to select artists. This allows customers the ability to select artists that use color palettes or styles that will mesh seamlessly with their home decor and allow for a smooth transition of the art piece and the rest of the home. Achieving a subtleness with a pet portrait is desirable to some but on the same note for those that want their painting to really pop, they can select an artist with a style that reflects this and make the painting a centerpiece of conversation and a room. 

Support Artists

In today’s digital age artists are adapting and changing according to the landscape. With the coronavirus many artists are no longer able to display their art at local art fairs as local authorities have yet to reopen public gatherings. In addition to the virus artists in general are beginning to gravitate away from physical art and are moving to digital art where drawing, painting, and designing all happen on a digital device. While this is a great way to reach more people, it is important to conserve the hand made and hand done forms of art. As the world continues to become more technologically advanced it is of growing importance for people to continue with art done by hand to keep the tradition alive. By getting a hand made portrait of your pet you are encouraging artists to not lose hope in the hand made and hand drawn goods which are important skills to have in the world. 

Overall you need a realistic pet portrait for the same reason you take photos of your pet. Capturing the essence and the moment of joy is what most pet photos are meant to do. By transforming these moments into hand made pieces of art, you are able to hang them proudly as they are memories and art seamlessly integrated together. Having a constant memory of your pets, creating stunning works of art with a personal touch, and supporting artists in today’s age are all reasons you need a pet portrait. With the ease of getting a pet portrait its only a matter of a picture upload and a selection of an artist to be on your way to getting your very own personalized pet portrait that you and your family can cherish forever. 

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